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About Us

Circle H Sand & Rock is not your typical sand and gravel mining company. We have been family-owned since the beginning, the importance of our mining legacy in business still exists; not only in having a hand in growing our communities, but impacting the lives of those who work with us and for us.


From day one, we’ve prided ourselves on building Circle H to provide mentorship for the young men and women relying on the trade work through which our business is accomplished—something typically unheard of in our industry. Where industry practice says to engage specialty tradesmen on an as-needed basis, we have always built our team up from within by finding eager apprentices and teaching them new skills in a variety of areas. Years later, those employees remain part of the team as crucial facets to Circle H’s success.


Our generational value did not happen by coincidence—we instill our employees with pride in the job and the importance of teamwork and family. Our vision spreads to them through stories from our rich family history in the mining industry, and they begin to sense the company’s strong legacy. When a young person grasps the true reality that he helped build the foundation for something that will exist for hundreds of years, his work becomes a daily reminder of the difference he is making in his local community and the State of Arizona.


Now you have an idea of who we are. In a somewhat sterile industry we think that’s important.


And what we do?


We build foundations for communities with one of the most experienced and hard working mining teams in the industry. Our Buckeye mine location is currently producing high-quality construction aggregates, including: sand, gravel and crushed rock used as key ingredients to build sidewalks, roads, houses, bridges and airports, among other integral structures.


While we truly believe our team and work ethic make us different, at the end of the day our product and processes are what matter to our business partners.  With dozens of clients happily working with us for many years, our actions speak louder than our words. We are committed to going above and beyond with customer service, and to exceeding industry standards with our product.


Arizona is our state—our home—and we are here to help nurture it for decades to come. Let us know how we can help you do the same.

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